Team Nights Help Us Keep Our Culture Strong

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Keeping our work culture healthy has always been a top Arcanum Consulting priority. While we have many methods for creating camaraderie and collaboration, one of our favorites is team nights.

Getting together away from the office refreshes and inspires us, and helps us create strong bonds with our colleagues. Often, these outings will include food, games, or sports (sometimes all three). We find that mingling and connecting has several benefits, such as:

Increased Productivity: When we relax away from Arcanum Consulting HQ, we get to know one another outside of our titles. This builds open communication channels that make teamwork easier.

Higher Morale: Confidence, enthusiasm, self-discipline – these are all elements of morale, and our team nights help build and renew these traits. Our skill at hitting personal and company targets is an extension of our optimism.

Recognition: Team nights are an excellent time to announce who won a weekly challenge, or to congratulate coworkers on reaching a career milestone. This is also perfect for meeting new team members and commending them on their wise decisions to join our firm.

There’s another rationale behind our team nights that’s just as important as well: they’re a lot of fun! And the more often we have a good time together, the more we associate being with our teammates as something we enjoy. Learn more about our office culture and how we maintain it by liking Arcanum Consulting on Facebook.