2020 Was A Year Of Adapting For Most Companies

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Assisting companies through their marketing plans were quite challenging through the pandemic because they were unsure about the changes that were taking place. Many companies could not keep up with their deadlines and meet their targets, especially when the authorities were making changes to the rules to protect everyone. Through the pandemic, many companies downsized and made changes, with some even letting their marketing divisions go. Companies were now outsourcing their marketing to companies instead of having an in-house team.

As a marketing company, we would sit with clients and understand their requirements. We even worked with them to implement their plans or suggest alternatives if their ideas were not ideal for the situation. The pandemic was quite challenging, and we noticed that the number of people infected was constantly increasing and decreasing.

If we are to predict the future, we foresee a lot of changes and things getting better. With the COVID vaccine becoming available to the general public, we hope to expand our contracts and continue to grow. We also see a lot of the restrictions decreasing and people going back to some semblance of normalcy.

While we were working through the pandemic, we made many changes to the processes we created to adapt to the changes that were now taking place. Our business is heavily reliant on interpersonal interactions, so COVID forced us to adapt. Whether that means masking up, having virtual meetings, or creating socially distanced activities, we had to implement changes that made sense to us. Additionally, we had to make changes to the way we were conducting interviews, financial meetings, and department meetings are now virtual. Although it was challenging to adapt, we can interact with more people, which allows a better sharing of knowledge. One of the best parts about the virtual changes we were handling was our ability to connect with many people. We could handle more meetings because we were saving on travel time, but these meetings were not the same, and in-person meetings with our clients were the best ones to make these changes or make them understand.

Currently, we were able to re-enter our office space with all safety protocols in place. However, there was a time we were working remotely from home offices to get things done. On the flip side, there were times we felt that we were not getting enough work too, but now we are in a much better place.

There were challenges with working remotely as well as working in person. The pandemic made some changes to the way that we were functioning. While working remotely obviously had challenges like Wifi, technical issues, and people could not make time with their personal life getting in the way. Figuring out virtual meetings and online communication had its own set of challenges as well. However, with our office setting up, following safe practices and guidelines to keep everyone healthy were of the utmost importance, with many of those practices remaining in place to ensure safety in our office.

We set capacities for all of our office spaces and do not allow too many people to gather. We also obtained additional office spaces in our building to allow for social distancing. We make sure we coordinate only a certain number of meetings a day and moving the rest to the following day or another time. Additionally, in our office, we have a no handshaking policy. We also use basic and high-level disinfectants, which we schedule regularly. We prioritize high-touch surfaces and sanitize objects after each use.

While we were making so many changes, there were a few things that we could hold constant. One of those was our work timings, which stayed the same throughout the pandemic. There were times when we felt we did not have as many clients as we would have liked. However, we are now working a lot more than we were at the beginning of the pandemic, putting in additional hours and getting a lot more done. 

When it comes to the way we communicate or the work we handle, we do not have a secure server because we do not pass on sensitive information. We make it a point to use emails when communicating or get in touch over calls, text messages, or Whatsapp. Additionally, we use Zoom and GoToMeeting as well. However, we are open to the alternative as well. We have in-person meetings with clients and staff while wearing masks and following all safety guidelines set forward by the CDC.

Something our company is proud of is that fairly early in the lockdown, we were able to obtain an ‘essential work license,’ so we did not have to furlough or lay off any staff.

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